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In our EYFS, your child will begin and develop their phonics and reading journey, learning lots of new phonemes and graphemes. We follow and have full fidelity to the Little Wandle Phonics scheme, where we deliver their daily sessions. In Nursery, we use Little Wandle’s Foundations for Phonics as well as Letters and Sounds to develop children’s early sounds identification and listening skills. We will share our learning on our Google Classroom and offer phonics and reading workshops throughout the year. 

Each week, your child will choose a library book to take home and read with their family. In Reception, your child will also take home a guided reading book which is matched to their current phonics level. 

In Reception, your child will have a minimum of three guided reading sessions each week, where they will read to a trained member of staff. They will engage in fluency, prosody and comprehension sessions. These books will be linked to the children’s phonics level to ensure all of the books are accessible and decodable to the children. 

Within EYFS we have a selection of our 5-a-day stories which have been carefully selected to ensure there is a progression of vocabulary from Nursery to Reception. Each of our core texts will have a selection of vocabulary which staff have identified to teach to the children in our school. 

At Hob Moor Primary Academy, we use REDTED (Read Every Day, Talk Every Day). REDTED is a friend of Hob Moor (Large Bear) who loves reading! He will often visit our school to listen to us read, and to see who has been enjoying their library books back and bringing them back each week! He offers rewards throughout the year if we bring our book-bags back!