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Welcome to Team Starfish

The adults in our team are:

  • Miss Wilkins  – Teacher
  • Mrs Yarnold – Teacher
  • Mrs Whiteley – Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Razzino – Teaching Assistant

 During the week we have the following activities…

  • Daily phonics sessions
  • Daily maths sessions
  • Weekly forest schools session 
  • Daily planning time, choosing time and review
  • Busy Books (Each week parents / carers are invited to share their children’s learning)

Throughout the day, children access our areas of provision both inside and out. During this time, children are supported in their learning, following their interests and fascinations and around our theme for the term.

Reading – Children take part in guided reading sessions at least once a week. Each child will take home a copy of the guided reading book they have read as well as their choice of library book to read with their grown-ups. We have a selection of ‘5-a-day’ stories which have been chosen due to the specific vocabulary they contain, as well as linking to our termly themes. We aim to read five of these stories each day. This means that we will repeat these stories lots of times to help us learn new vocabulary and give us ideas for our own stories and games.

Home reading books are changed each Thursday. This year we are using REDTED (Read Everyday, Talk Every Day) where your child will have a challenge to read at least five times a week. Please, would you listen to your child read so that you can ask him/her comprehension questions and help them improve their understanding and fluency?  We would be grateful if you could record the title and whether your child enjoyed the book or not. Children also receive a library book from school, this is a book of their choice and they are free to choose the same book a number of times. It is essential to read to your child each day to foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime!

Class/Phase Newsletters:

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Useful websites to help your child:


If you have any queries about anything that is happening in class, please pop in to see us. Hopefully, we will be able to help you then or arrange a time when we can discuss any issues with you that will need a longer time.